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The recent advances in informatics have created a wide range of tools for biologists. Within this field we can mention many computational approaches to biology that brought key innovations and understanding to life studies like the genome projects, image processing and analysis, phylogenetic data matrices processing and the well known population genetics models.

The ICES project main objective is the creation of a well structured biological system, with an object oriented programming language, for the study of organic evolution. ICES program should provide a controlled digital reality for running simulations of evolutionary phenomena.

Biologists always experience difficulties when trying to test evolutionary processes because of its broad time scale. The development of tools concerning the simulation of interacting individuals may provide additional information and new insights for evolutionary biologists.

We do not intend to substitute the real field experiences and observations in any level, even because ICES depends on these to work properly, but we do hope this software will bring supplementary ideas and enrich the biologist's research options.